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Get The Best TikTok Proxy

Use TikTok without any restrictions and power TikTok marketing with industry-leading proxy speeds and 99.99% success rate. Stay anonymous on TikTok now!

Perfect for TikTok marketing
99.99% online and stable operation
100% anonymity and 99% purity
Use at any time, no charge for invalid IP
Access global localized content
Ultra-high-speed operation meets business needs

Protect your privacy and data security

When you use TikTok, your IP address can accurately locate your city, zip code and even ISP data. Then use a TikTok proxy to hide your original IP address, providing a layer of anonymity and protection for your activities on TikTok. Prevent potential attackers from tracing your online activities back to your personal/business information, ensuring the security of your data and privacy.

Suitable for professional account maintenance

Using a TikTok proxy can help you create and manage multiple TikTok accounts, ensure long-term online stability of TikTok accounts to the greatest extent, avoid unnecessary trouble caused by suspicious platform detection, achieve high-quality account maintenance, and obtain more benefits.

Using TikTok worldwide

Has TikTok been banned? TikTok proxy acts as an intermediary server forwarding your connection request to help you target the country/region you need. You have access to the entire residential proxy pool via country or city targeting and easy-to-setup proxy gateways. TikTok will not be able to identify your real IP address, so you will not be blocked or banned.

Support opening TikTok Shopping

TikTok proxy hides your real IP address, helps you become a real overseas local user, open TikTok Shopping, and achieves localized marketing.

Suitable for TikTok Live and sales business

Our proxy is not limited to broadband, is stable and fast, and ensures that the live broadcast will have zero lags and will not be disconnected midway, so as to obtain better live broadcast and delivery effects.