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The most trustworthy static

residential proxies-922 S5

You will be told that you need to use static residential proxies when you conduct certain businesses because static residential proxies have particular advantages in areas such as shopping, online banking and social media, and using static residential proxies will protect the security of your accounts.

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0.24 /IPs

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0.16 /IPs

Total $75 $60



650 IPs

0.13 /IPs

Total $98 $85



New User +430IPs

1500 IPs

0.07 /IPs

Total $177 $135



2250 IPs +750 IPs

0.1 /IPs

Total $600 $300



6000 IPs

0.07 /IPs

Total $1260 $420



A more secure proxy model

Static residential proxies are different from other traditional proxy IPs,static residential proxies IPs are obtained from real residential users instead of traditional server IPs.compared to traditional IPs static residential proxies have more hidden, more secure, faster network speed and other features, more suitable for some streaming media,commodity rush, banking and other business needs.

In addition, these agents are also static, which means that the IP will not automatically change after each session. This means that if you need to log in to an account using a static IP, it is unlikely to be judged as a suspicious account, thus avoiding being banned.

Why should I choose 922 S5 residential proxy Ip?

More invisible

Using a residential IP can disguise you as a real user around the world, making you more invisible.

Fast link speed

Links are rarely lost or time out when using residential proxies, ensuring that your online activity is always active and stable.

More secure

Because residential IPs are real residential proxy IPs from all over the world, you will have more security when you do business, reducing the risk of blocking and so on.

Long proxy sessions

Residential proxies have extra-long duration, so you can use the same proxy for a long time (up to 24 hours).

Dedicated IPs

Each IP of 922 S5 is for one person only, so there will not be multiple people using the same IP, reducing your business risk.

Bulk proxy

You can extract multiple residential proxy IPs for use at the same time.

What can 922 S5 offer you?

Website Optimization

You can use 922 S5 to monitor search trends in real time to develop your website optimization plan.

Opinion Monitoring

You can use 922 S5 to access forums, news, etc. around the world to get public opinion information about your brand and adjust your brand marketing strategy in real time.

Information Crawling

You can use 922 S5 to crawl websites around the world to crawl the information you want, which can greatly reduce your working time.

Grab the product

Usually, brands have limited time sale on the internet, so the way to increase the success rate is to open more accounts,then you can use 922 S5 to help you disguise as a real user around the world to increase the probability of success.