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922 S5 Proxy SDK

Make money by selling your unused IP addresses.

It runs in the background to protect user privacy.


Traffic monetization cooperation plan

Better retention, higher conversion rates

Convincing free users to pay has never been easier. 922 S5 Proxy SDK generates revenue, supports limited premium version. This increases your user retention, providing you with more sales to run your app.

Same advertising, more revenue

922 S5 Proxy SDK pays you on top of your existing ad revenue, but runs silently in the background. This means you will earn more easily.

Cooperation form for accessing SDK

Offered to users as rewards within the application

Users are rewarded when they agree to join us to obtain their IP.

Offered to users as an offer in the application store

Add SDK description copy to the application's service agreement. When users agree to the agreement, they can use your application.

Free users from ads

When users agree to join us to obtain their IP, users can use the application without disturbing advertisements.



Users can choose to agree or withdraw at any time.

Remember: while they opt in and the device is online, you will continue to make money!

How to join the cooperation program?

1. First, add 922 S5 Proxy SDK to your application.

2. Users can choose whether to join the 922 S5 Proxy network when using your application.

3. You will continue to receive revenue when users opt in and their devices are online.

Respect users’ wishes

Your users will only voluntarily choose to participate in the sharing of their device resources.

User devices are protected

It will not affect the operation of user equipment during use.

No user data is collected

We do not collect personal data from our users at any time after thorough review.

Moral usage

We constantly monitor our online activities to ensure legal compliance.

Contact us

Learn more about joining our partner program and start making money with us!

Email: support@922proxy.com

Expand your business with 922S5 Proxy!

Residential IP purity above 99% , 100% high anonymity

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