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Best Google Proxy

Google Proxies give you access to various Google services so you can see how your content appears in different geographic locations. After using a proxy, crawling Google search results will avoid IP blocking.

Crawl large amounts of data
99.99% online and stable operation
100% anonymity and 99% purity
Use at any time, no charge for invalid IP
Access global localized content
Ultra-high-speed operation meets business needs

Crawl local Google search results

Using a Google proxy allows you to break through geographical restrictions and search for real localized data in other countries. For example, you can search other countries to view your website rankings, competitors and user reviews.

Avoid IP blocking

Monitor Google rankings or track keywords too frequently without Google’s proxy network, and your IP will be blocked or you’ll encounter a verification code quickly. Using Google proxy can effectively prevent your IP from being blocked.

Expand your business

Use Google proxy to manage multiple Google accounts and crawl multiple targets at the same time.For example:Organic and paid Google search results.Google Travel and Google Hotels results.A short excerpt from Google’s featured snippets.Image URL for the Google image search engine.Google Shopping results, products, pricing.

Crawl large amounts of data

Use Google Proxy to retrieve data from multiple pages, with each batch containing up to 1000 URLs. Easy to integrate and supports high volume of requests.