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What is User&Pass Auth Extraction?

User&Pass Auth Extraction, a commonly used extraction method in Http proxy.

Different from SOCKS5 that requires downloading the client, selecting a specific IP and other multi-step cumbersome operations, User&Pass Auth Extraction only requires the user to register an account, purchase the IP type of the corresponding package, and select the IP type you want to extract.

You can purchase and use the proxy information of the countries in our official website without downloading any software, and you can use it anytime, which is more convenient and efficient.

*Note: Currently we only support ISP-type IP for User&Pass Auth Extraction. If you need to use account and password extraction, please purchase an ISP-type IP。

What can User&Pass Auth Extraction do for me?

User&Pass Auth Extraction is applicable to various business scenarios. Common business directions include network information data crawler crawling, network information security and protection, cross-border e-commerce, etc.

Reptile Information Capture

Information Security and Defense

Cross-Border E-Commerce

How to Use the User&Pass Auth Extraction Function?


Register an account

Purchase the type of IP you need according to your business needs.

Enter the account password extraction page, we will generate a default user name and password for you according to your ID, and support you to modify the password.

Select the corresponding region and the corresponding agreement type to generate the required proxy link.

Parameter Description


Parameter Description

  • Parameter Parameter
  • Country Filter the country where the required IP is located
  • State Screen the state or province where the required IP is located
  • City Filter the city where the required IP is located
  • Hostname:port Host name and port, assigned by default
  • Username Assigned by default according to the user's login account
  • Password By default, a password composed of letters and numbers is generated, which supports user modification