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Support multiple versions of
Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Batch devices control

Support Windows 7 and
above versions

Current latest version: 1.5.5

Batch devices control


Current latest version: 2.0

Support macOS 10.15
(EI Capitan) and above

Current latest version: 1.1.2

Support Debian, Ubuntu

Current latest version: 1.0.1

【Frequently asked questions】

How do residential proxies work?

Residential proxies route the internet traffic through an intermediary server. This server changes the IP address of your connection request. Residential proxies differ from other kinds of proxies because they are connected to real mobile and desktop devices, which are used as the intermediaries for your connections.

How is the 922 S5 billed??

All purchased proxies balance in your account are valid for lifetime, no expiry date!

Using 1 proxy costs 1 proxy balance and you can use from any country, or city without limit!

99% of our proxies are already checked and available so you don't waste any proxies balance!

Is there any way that the target website can trace the origin to us?

No, we secure the traffic at the IP level. Traffic to websites originates at residential IP addresses that are not associated with your company or your location. All traffic is also encrypted. You are responsible to secure every other part of your system.